Final 5 Teams Chosen For The Google’s $30M Moon Race – Google Lunar XPrize

The final five teams for the $30 million competition to land and operate robotic spacecrafts on the surface of the moon have be chosen. The announcement was made yesterday by the XPrize Foundation. They shared that the Google Lunar XPrize competition by Google and led by the foundation will now have the contenders creating and

Google Unveils New Daydream View VR Headset & ‘Pixel’ Phones

Just no more than a day ago, Google dropped their new Pixel and Pixel XL phones alongside their first headset for their Daydream VR platform. The virtual reality device which was first unveiled to the public as a line drawing a few months ago at I/O, will cost $79 when it begins shipping in November.

Google Creates ‘Carpool’ App With Waze To Allow Commuters To Give Rides To Each Other

Now, you can commute with a driver going in the same direction you want to be going with Google’s new app. The ‘carpool’ app is said to take a hit at Uber, which also has a carpool function. Using Waze’s navigation system, the app will learn the routes that drivers frequently use to travel to

‘Project Ara’ – Google’s Fully Customizable Smartphone That Will Definitely Change The Game

A few years ago, a concept was revealed proposing a fully customizable smartphone that involved phone blocks. The idea had died down after there was nothing more seen about it for awhile, it was actually bought by Google and has secretly been on the drawing board for the past few years. In videos and a

Google Unveils Yet Another Exciting Project Involving ‘Smart Clothes’

It was recently discovered that your clothes could one day be turned into a touch screen. A team of digital and textile experts at Google called the Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group has develop a ‘smart fabric’ that they call Jacquard which is said to be a conductive woven yarn that is able to

Google Purchases Dubai’s “The World” To Re-Shape It Into Their Logo

Early 2011, news broke that Dubai’s most notorious man-made islands, a.k.a ‘The World’, were slowly but surely beginning to sink into the sea. In a bizarre twist of events that had many people surprised and excited, an announcement shared that Google had purchased the troubled archipelago and will be rearranging it to form the shape

Put Chrome OS On Your TV With Google’s New $100 HMDI Stick!

Previously companies Amazon, Roku and Google released a ‘stick’ that aims to replace your cable box by providing online streaming to your TV by just plugging it in. This latest dinky dongle ‘TV upgrader’ comes again from Google and offers the power to transform your TV into a PC. The Chrome device can fit in

The Most Unique Choir In The World Consists Of Android Devices

This has got to be the most unusual choir that has ever hit a stage to sing. Another unusual fact about this choir is that it is comprised of just phones. The gadget choir by Google, is called the ‘Android Chorus’ and features 300 phones and tablets dancing and singing together. The idea was devised

10 Absolutely Cool And Addictive Google Tricks

Otherwise from just providing a bunch of useful links, developers of Google have built into the search engine many awesome quirks such as games and tricks. Here are 10 of the coolest: 1. Gravity By just typing in “Google Gravity” in the search field and then clicking “Im feeling lucky” the Google page comes crashing

Google Patent To Bring Gesture Controlled Cars!

Surely, this is an era of technology; innovations surround you and amaze you with their extraordinary creativity. Now Google presents a car design that would allow you to control the vehicle by gestures. This design works by using a camera mounted in your car’s ceiling and a laser in your dashboard, allowing Google to read