10 Absolutely Cool And Addictive Google Tricks

Otherwise from just providing a bunch of useful links, developers of Google have built into the search engine many awesome quirks such as games and tricks. Here are 10 of the coolest:

1. Gravity


By just typing in “Google Gravity” in the search field and then clicking “Im feeling lucky” the Google page comes crashing down from the moment you move your mouse. You may need to disable Google’s instant predictions in your search settings in order to get the “Im feeling lucky” option.

2. Barrel Roll

barrel-rollThis trick is done by simply searching “do a barrel roll”. Afterwards you will see your results page make a spin.

3. Pacman


This Google Pacman game was built to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman in 2010, but became so popular that it was given a permanent home.

4. Zerg Rush

zerg rush

This one comes from a strategy video game called StarCraft that involves preventing “o’s”, from the Google logo, from touching and destroying your search results by clicking on them. You can also share your score on Google+.

5. 42


You are probably wondering “what does the number 42 have to do with anything?”, but according to Google’s calculator when you search “the answer to life the universe and everything” the answer is.. “42”. If you’ve read the novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“, you’ll get this one.

6. Calculator


Having a hard time solving a math problem? Google also has a calculator that can solve any math problem by just searching the equation.

7. Exchange Rate Calculator

exchange rate calculator

Not only does Google calculate math equations, it can do currency conversions by typing in the name of your original currency, the word “to”, then the currency you want to convert to. For example, “US dollar to British pound”.

8. Dictionary

dictionary 2


Google can provide the definition for any word if you type in the word “define”, then the word you are seeking the definition for. For example, you want to know the meaning of the word “trick”, you will type “define trick” into the search field.

9. Doodles


When you click “Im feeling lucky” with the search field empty, a catalogue of Google doodles made since 1998 will appear.

10. Kerning


Kerning is the spacing between the characters in a word. When you search the word “kerning”, Google makes spaces between the letters of the word “kerning” in all the results.



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