Facebook Home Launcher Comes Along With Good & Bad News!

By now most of you would have already known about Facebook’s upcoming first phone, known as “HTC First”. But now you can enjoy the same Facebook home launcher on you android smart phones and tablets as well. Yesterday, Facebook launched their new Facebook home launcher app where you directly get you Facebook updates on the home

HTC First – The New Facebook’s Smartphone

So after the years of hype created by facebook users, its now coming to reality. Thats right! Facebook has officially announced the new Facebook’s smart phone. FB teamed up with HTC to introduce the new Facebook phone, which will be called the “HTC FIRST”. Thanks to the new Built-in facebook launcher, now you don’t have to go

This Is How The Internet Works!

Millions of users access internet every day. United States leads the race of all time top users of internet. Internet speed varies from place to place and location to location. Ever wondered how the internet works? If not, then I am sure that you will get your answer after watching this infographic. Many of us

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Got Married Yesterday

The CEO of Facebook and one of the youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg got married yesterday quite secretly. It was quite shocking for all social media junkies to see Zuckerberg’s facebook profile relationship status changed to “Married” and all the marriage pictures posted by Zuckerberg himself. Previously, a lot of people knew that he was in a relationship with his

Popular Websites Dressed Up

The most visited websites on net are your social websites like Facebook, twitter or there is always a tab next to them opened for Youtube, and for those continuous mail checkers yahoo or Google is another tab right next to it. But lets imagine if one would like to make dresses of these sites! Now we know that

Facebook Buys Instagram For 1Million Dollar

The King of social network Facebook will soon be added on with instagram app. CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the fans by posting it on his wall that facebook which has infact become an addiction to world has now been added with more ingredients to play with. Instagram got biggest likes in past two years history and

How to use Photoshop on iPhone

Imagine using photoshop on your iphone for free. Now you can use an application by which you can crop, rotate, flip your images and do lots of adjustments while paying nothing in return. This application is known as photoshop.com.Mobile, believe me its free and available for everyone. This app works just fine and the best

Best Tech Moments of 2011

Whatever state the economy maybe in, it has never impeded technology in its efforts (atleast significantly). 2011 was also no different; from the launch of iPhone 4s to Google+, this year proved to be one great year for the techies. Today we present a list of some of the best technical moments of 2011. No

Facebook 3.0 has launched for iPhone users

Finally Apple has launched Facebook 3.0 for your iPhone device and you wait has been over. Now it’s the time to throw away old app and install the new one. In addition to events, photo zoom and new beautiful home screen, iPhone now introduced Facebook update. The Company has upgrade iPhone to new Facebook app

New Facebook iPhone 3.5 app brings improvement

This time we can say without any doubt that Facebook is the number one and biggest social network on earth and I know you are not shocked because it is confirmed and 100 % true. If you are a computer user then you probably must use Facebook network at least once in a day. If