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Siege Hero is available to download from app store for your iPhone

One of the interesting games that you see in iPhone is Siege Hero. This game copied the Angry Birds idea in next level. It’s quite similar to Angry Birds in which you have to throw the rocks to break the structures in order to kill the soldiers placed inside. Instead of throwing birds, here you

News about Facebook iPad App release

Multiple statements are coming from different sites regarding official facebook iPad application. Everyone is expecting for new iPad application. MG Siegler found the app code hidden inside the face book’s iPhone. MG Siegler said that he accessed new iPhone app with the help of Facebook iPhone code. Well! It is not confirmed that what features

Download Turntable.fm iPhone App and become DJ

Recently Apple has added the fantastic release in App Store called Turntable.fm that lets you to create your own virtual room and you can play your favorite songs. It makes you DJ of virtual room and you can call your friends and other people that can join you in order to enjoy currently played songs.

Most Awesome applications of 2008 in iPhone

No doubt, iPhone is a wonderful mobile device. It has introduced 10,000 applications within few years. All applications are useful and unique in their own. Here you will the most amazing applications that came in 2008. 1.    SayWhere DialDirections introduced speech recognition technique in iPhone device with SayWhere. SayWhere translates the speech of person into