Download iPhone App and become DJ

Recently Apple has added the fantastic release in App Store called that lets you to create your own virtual room and you can play your favorite songs. It makes you DJ of virtual room and you can call your friends and other people that can join you in order to enjoy currently played songs.

Friends that would be in your virtual room can vote for song to skip it and if they will vote for your song up then you will get one point. If you are not a DJ you can go to room by checking that which room is available to listen songs and once you get in you can enjoy song what the DJ is playing currently. This iPhone app opened up a new way to make popularity of new songs. Moreover it also chat with your friends and you will find it just like chat room that you see in yahoo Messenger or Google talk etc. you can chat and share link with other users through Facebook, email and Twitter. app has garnered more than 600,000 users within short period of time. The app is totally free and if you are in U.S then you can get it right now. But! Unfortunately this time it is only available in US.

So, what are you waiting for now? Download it from app store if you are in US and enjoy.

Download link:

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