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Link directly to app store update page

Developers are in surge of finding a way to link directly their application onto app store update page for users. Thankfully, there is a solution which has been emerged and it is in URL form which is quiet easy to use. Now with the use of this web link, you are able to link users

Edit the IPTC info on a photo

iOS devices like iphone, ipad and ipod have applications for everything. Finding application just appropriate for your need is not a tough job now thanks to App store. In Appleā€™s original photo app you cannot add captions to the photos. For enabling or disabling the captions on the images and sharing on social networks you

Download Facebook Messenger App for your iPhone

Surprising news! Facebook has released messenger app for your favorite iPhone smartphone named Facebook Messenger. The app is accessible only it in united state and Canadian app store but unfortunately it is not announced globally yet. Canadian and U.S users would be much excited after listening this news. Facebook Messenger allows you to create message

Download iPhone App and become DJ

Recently Apple has added the fantastic release in App Store called that lets you to create your own virtual room and you can play your favorite songs. It makes you DJ of virtual room and you can call your friends and other people that can join you in order to enjoy currently played songs.

10 Most Interesting Apps of iPhone

The iPhone is a great device, but the App Store has made the advancement in iPhone. As the thousands of developers through their creativity make changes in the device. There is a list of 10 apps that ranges from software to musical instruments to games as they are considered for their quality, innovation and other

Access to Windows Computer from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

At times when you have your iOS device and you want to access your Windows computer at home or at office, RDP Lite provides you access to your computer anywhere. RDP lite allows you to work on computer through Wi-Fi connectivity. By connecting iPhone to the Windows Computer you can see files, programs and other

New MacBook Air Seeing Partial Sellouts, Heavy Demand

According to some of early retail checks, Apple is facing a unusual instance of sellouts for the new MacBook Air. Quite a few Apple stores, including a store in Ottawa, Canada as well as others in the US, had sold out of the base 11-inch and 13-inch models by the afternoon. Stores were seeing remarkably

Mac App Store Sporadically Down For Some Users

A number of reports have come to the scene over the last few days indicating that users have had problem accessing the Mac App Store, with quite a few users also reporting issues with the iTunes Store. While reports informed of the Mac App Store temporarily going down, at times outage seemed more widespread and

How To: Turn iPad Into An External Monitor For Your Mac

In case you happen to have an iPad and you are looking for an external monitor, the only thing you need is an application called iDisplay from the App store to turn your iPad into a monitor. The application costs $ 4.99. iDisplay gives the user a multipurpose use for its devices and is compatible