Want To Buy A Macbook Air That Runs Windows? Acer’s Got A Perfect Rip Off!

All PC manufacturers are certainly envious of the Macbook Air as it has gotten such an overwhelming response all over the world. Now if you love the hardware of the Mac, but like better to buy a Windows PC; Acer is manufacturing a perfect rip off for you. Engadget got hold of an internal image,

Apple makes It Easy To Stream Music/ Videos To iPhone From PC

Apple has made it possible to play streaming medias on the portable devices effortlessly. All one needs to have is all Apple products and those too with the latest versions installed. Therefore, if you wish to stream music of your favorite artist in your iPhone but you have that media on your computer, need not

How To: Turn iPad Into An External Monitor For Your Mac

In case you happen to have an iPad and you are looking for an external monitor, the only thing you need is an application called iDisplay from the App store to turn your iPad into a monitor. The application costs $ 4.99. iDisplay gives the user a multipurpose use for its devices and is compatible

Top 10 Reasons to Buy MAC over PC

If there is one debate that the geeks can never manage to settle, it is MAC vs PC. I can’t settle this issue either, but I can give you geeks more reasons to argue, with this list of top 10 reasons to buy Mac over PC. So, here goes… No 10. Sleek and stylish design

Top 10 Reasons to Buy PC over MAC

We published an article “Top 10 reasons to buy MAC over PC” yesterday, and now maintaining the spirit of impartiality, today we round up 10 reasons why you should buy a PC over MAC. No 10. Right-click PCs have it and yes, MACs don’t. You double click the left-click button and that menu appears. Well,

Top 10 PC games of 2010

According to many, the PC gaming industry is dying, but I disagree. The lack of PC exclusive titles is one thing, but there aren’t many exclusive console titles either and anyways most of the publishers now-a-days want to get more and more share of the gaming audience, more revenues, so exclusivity might be a thing

Top 10 MAC vs PC Best Commercials Ever

These are a great little set of commercials which have been running for a few years and Apple just keep releasing more of them. They are simple, but yet smartly written and acted. The following ten are my pick of the best, let me know what you think should make the top ten.