Top 10 Wikimoments

Wikipedia, “The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”. It’s not just the motto, it really is. Here you go with top 10 Wikimoments of life time. 10. Wikimania Meetups Begin It is thought widely that that Wikipedia is written, edited and maintained by all who use it. But the truth is, it’s a dedicated group

Top 10 Search Engines

10.Sortfix SortFix originated from the very basic dilemma of how to improve the web search so as to, in fact, find relevant results. SortFix Team examined the search strategies of a large group of volunteers and discovered they could be divided roughly into 2 groups: Regular searchers and advanced searchers. The technology encourages the user

Top 10 Reverse-Engineered Weapons

Get ready as today we take a look at top 10 reverse-engineered weapons from the World wars to the Cold wars. No 10. Saegheh The Saegheh 40 mm is an anti-tank rocket developed by Iran. It is a reverse-engineered product of the M47 Dragon, which is an American shoulder-fired anti-tank missile system. The reverse engineered

Top 10 Reasons to Buy MAC over PC

If there is one debate that the geeks can never manage to settle, it is MAC vs PC. I can’t settle this issue either, but I can give you geeks more reasons to argue, with this list of top 10 reasons to buy Mac over PC. So, here goes… No 10. Sleek and stylish design