Top 10 First Person Shooter Games for PC

10. Left 4 Dead 2 Story: Left 4 Dead 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Left 4 Dead.The Story is set in the zombie apocalypse . You play as one of four survivors of a massive zombie infestation, armed with a wide and devastating array of classic and upgraded weapons , who

Top 10 gaming laptops

With companies like Alienware producing some of the best performing laptops in the market, laptops are not much behind their desktop brothers. Playing games like Crysis, Splinter Cell and Bad Company 2 while on the move is now possible in its full color thanks to every improving battery life and low-power consuming processors, both GPU

Top 10 Reasons to Buy PC over MAC

We published an article “Top 10 reasons to buy MAC over PC” yesterday, and now maintaining the spirit of impartiality, today we round up 10 reasons why you should buy a PC over MAC. No 10. Right-click PCs have it and yes, MACs don’t. You double click the left-click button and that menu appears. Well,

Exoskeletons-A fiction no more!!

Those of you who have played the amazing computer game “crysis”  must be fascinated  by the bionic suits worn by the game character(maximum speed,maximum power,maximum strength…..remember??). The good(or the bad) news is that bionic suits are no more a fiction.Researchers at Sarcos inc, an American defense contractor, is developing exoskeleton technology for the military. The