Edit the IPTC info on a photo

iOS devices like iphone, ipad and ipod have applications for everything. Finding application just appropriate for your need is not a tough job now thanks to App store. In Apple’s original photo app you cannot add captions to the photos.

  • For enabling or disabling the captions on the images and sharing on social networks you need to edit the ITCP settings in setting menu.
  • The right application for this is the Photogene? which is available on App store for about $0.99.
  • This application is meant for editing the IPTC of an image on the phone. IPTC stands for International Press Telecommunications Council. It was originally developed for media to quickly exchange information about news items like photos.
  • Some of the info that can be stored in the IPTC is author information, title, caption, and copyright.
  • Photogene² makes editing this info easy.

There are many updated versions of the app available in the market like pro version which can create IPTC sets to streamline the process. With the passage of time many other tools have been introduced for this feature which are also available on the App store for very low cost.

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