Link directly to app store update page

Developers are in surge of finding a way to link directly their application onto app store update page for users. Thankfully, there is a solution which has been emerged and it is in URL form which is quiet easy to use. Now with the use of this web link, you are able to link users directly to app store and they can take all the update and information itself. This is a phobo link which work out for this purpose quite sufficiently and developers are anticipating this procedure with great attitude.

  • “itmsapps://[APPID]&mt=8” is the link format which is used to link directly to app store.
  • You have to change application ID and it will not include brackets and then you can upload this link as it will be direct access to application.

This tip is really helpful to all the developers because it is an easy way to have access of applications from app store. You just have to click on web link and it will take you to application. It works very well and becoming a vital option for developers. Anyone can easily adopt this method to link directly to app store.

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