This Morgan Freeman Portrait Is Actually a Finger Painting Drawn On iPad

What’s unique about this portrait? Right! It’s a painting of Hollywood star Morgan Freeman. Oh wait! It’s a painting made on an iPad. 26-year-old artist Kyle Lambert has created a mind-boggling finger painting of Mr. Freeman. It’s hard to identify his piece if placed with the real photograph. It took him one month and 285,000 finger

Link directly to app store update page

Developers are in surge of finding a way to link directly their application onto app store update page for users. Thankfully, there is a solution which has been emerged and it is in URL form which is quiet easy to use. Now with the use of this web link, you are able to link users

How to use Type2Phone application as Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad

When you want to type something on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can use Bluetooth keyboard for typing. Since type2phone application for Mac is invented, Mac can be used as Bluetooth keyboard to all these devices. The actual working of this application is that, you connect Mac to iOS device and type into your

Dock making things easy in Mac

Dock is widely used in Apple’s Mac as it gives piece of ease and comfort to user for accessing the most used applications, documents and software. Dock appears at the bottom of Mac screen with different icons which are actually quick access to certain files and folders. You can make changes in display of icons,

6 Useful tips for iPhone users

If you are new to your iPhone, here are some of the handy and useful tricks which are not familiar to you at start, but it might help you in future. If you want to scroll immediately at top of the page in any application, you just need to tap the status bar and it

Best Applications for iPhone 4

Apple’s iPhone 4 is the latest fourth generation handset considered as most successful launch of the company. People who bought this amazing handset recently are very curious about its top applications to be installed first. Here is some information about top 10 apps of iPhone 4: ·         Social apps: Facebook for iPhone: Facebook is one