Icon A5 Personal Aircraft

Thanks to the FAA’s “Light Sport Aircraft” category, former F16 pilot Kirk Hawkins was able to team up with the designers behind the Virgin Galactic spaceships to build a beautiful, sports car inspired amphibious airplane. This stylish jet can cruise at 120 miles per hour. The interior of the plane is more like a sports

Finder views make different views

In your Mac, finder views assist you in locating files and folders by different viewing options. You can watch file and folders in four different styles that are icon, list, cover flow and column. Finder view is not difficult to use, offering 4 buttons separately for each of the function. They have different characteristics in

Flying In Safety – A Spin Resistant Aircraft

Certified by the FAA as “spin-resistant” We came to an aircraft where your life and safety matters first. We have all been travelling through many air-crafts and every time we just have a little fear that what in case the engines malfunction or something worst happens and aircraft starts stalling. Icon A5 is the aircraft to answer these situations. This newly

Change location of iPhone home icons in iTunes

You can quickly access to different functions of iPhone by using home icons. You can also change the location of iPhone home icons for your ease. If you have sync apps enabled in your phone, all the settings to home icons will be saved. This process is very easy and quick to change the location

Quick access to iPhone and iPad settings

Icon settings shortcuts allow you to quick access on iPhone and iPad settings. You can install or create different shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad to access variety of functions in quick way. Different iOS folders and bookmarks are used to have quick access for iOS settings by creating shortcuts on your devices. This process

Dock making things easy in Mac

Dock is widely used in Apple’s Mac as it gives piece of ease and comfort to user for accessing the most used applications, documents and software. Dock appears at the bottom of Mac screen with different icons which are actually quick access to certain files and folders. You can make changes in display of icons,