Navigo — The Smart Navigator Watch

With the release of Google Glass it’s pretty obvious that wearable tech-gadgets are in vogue. Now it seems like every tech company has stepped into this arena. One such smart wearable gadget is the wearable smartphone wristwatch. Unlike other smart watches, ‘Navigo’ was designed to provide smart navigation cues right on your hand. The watch

Now Touch Your Loved Ones From Anywhere With This New Sensor Bracelet

The world has changed dramatically over past few decades. We all live in a busy world where even dating has gone virtual which means you spend much time in writing texts to your partner rather than meeting up. This virtual form of contact was once carried out by phone calls, and before that a physical

Now Never Lose Your Keys With Bluetooth Stickers

Bluetooth stickers could be one of the most useful invetion of modern time. Now you don’t have to worry for your keys and pets. We all pass through the awkward time when we have to rush somewhere and we are stuck finding car keys.  This could happen with your pets, when you are out on

The “Call Me” Gesture Is Now A Reality

Yes, you read it right! You know the pinky and thumb gesture that people mostly use to say “give me a call”? Well, that gesture has been brought to life by an Italian company named Hi-Fun through a gadget named Hi-Call; a glove which comes with Bluetooth capabilities. So in short, you connect your gloves with your

Turn Bluetooth on or off in iPad or iPhone

Bluetooth is the facility which allows you to connect and sync wirelessly with other hardware and transfer data with no such limit. In smart phones, Bluetooth is a common used connectivity giving users to interact and share amount of data easily to each other. You can keep it turned on or off as your requirement.

How to use Mac as a Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, or Android with Type2Phone

Mac can be used as Bluetooth keyboard for connecting to an ipad, iphone, or ipod touch. Only you have to install an application of Type2 phone for converting you Mac machine into iphone keyboard. This application works by pairing a Mac to the iOS device. It also works with androids which connect to the Mac

How to use Type2Phone application as Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone and iPad

When you want to type something on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can use Bluetooth keyboard for typing. Since type2phone application for Mac is invented, Mac can be used as Bluetooth keyboard to all these devices. The actual working of this application is that, you connect Mac to iOS device and type into your

Wi-Fi Connection Problems In iPhone

Many of the iPhone users have complained about the Wi-Fi connection problems they have to face while using their handsets.   One of the common issues that the users are facing is that they are simply unable to turn on/off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This is primarily because instead of the Wi-Fi address, some random

Steps for pairing Bluetooth and iPhone

By introducing the compatibility of iPhone 4 with Bluetooth devices, apple has enhanced the user’s experience. Users can pair their iPhone to the Bluetooth devices to enable a two-way wireless communication. Pairing iPhone and Bluetooth devices is a very simple process that takes only few minutes to go. Turn the Bluetooth device to Discovery Mode.

Top 10 Gadgets for your iPhone 4

With a gazillion iPhone gadgets out there it can be pretty tough if you wan’t to choose a few among them. So, today we have hand picked a number of iPhone 4 gadgets for your convenience. Please be noted that this list is in no particular order. No 10. Vestalife Ladybug II Speakers Price: $54.99