Military Tech

These Insect Sized Drones Are A New And Scary Addition to Army.

PD-100 Black Hornet was just an experiment back in 2009, developed by Norwegian company Prox Dynamics AS. And now it has been put to work by British infantrymen in Afghanistan, exploring possible routes for enemy ambushes or secretively flying over enemy compound walls for a look inside. The pocket-sized drones were exposed at the Association

Jetpack concept might finally be ready for mass production

After the jetpack appeared 1984 Olympics you would have thought the device just might be commercially available at some point. That never happen, but now Glenn Martin might make Jetpack flying possible.   Recently they were issued test licenses for their prototype product from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. This means the company is all set

Top 10 Biggest Secrets Of Soviet Russia

How much do you really know about Soviet Union? Soviet Union has a history of being the most secretive nation in the world during the Cold war era. Today we have compiled a list of 10 biggest declassified secrets of Soviet Russia. 10. The World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster (At the Time) Kicking off with number

The Military Mug

The military mug is purely designed for the military personals who are perfect and termed as men of steel. The military mug so called OPMOD has great looks and uses. Its not only a mug that but its a military mug, loaded with  bottle opener, night vision sight, three lasers, 90-degree angle sight, a pressure pad, bipod stand and

An Eye Up From Sky

The military and agencies have been using flying drones to capture the images or catch up the video of what is going on at different places. The technology takes a step ahead of producing some far beyond thing which one can imagine. There is a hovering eye which takes look at all over the city.

Top Ten Weirdest Military Tech

The Military technology have never been so strange and weird. The innovations keep on getting better and better, the following article will definitely make you go laugh and disturbed as well. Here we listed down the top ten weirdest military technological advancement. # 10 Animal Bombs The Technology was used in the World War II

Pakistani Military Muscle 2k9 – 2k19

???????*GET CONNECTED*??????? More Vids at: http ?????????????????????????????????? Explanation of All Terminologies Used : MBT — Main Battle Tank(Primary Backbone Tank of Any Armored Force) ATGM — Anti Tank Guided Missiles Avionics — All Electronic Systems on an Aircraft Howitzer — Artillery Gun MRL — Multiple Rocket Launcher AWE&C & AWACS

10 Greatest Battles of World War 2

The war that claimed over 60 million lives, the World War II was a war like no other, it was a war due to which 80% of the Soviet males born in 1923 didn’t make it through till the end of the war. It was a war which saw 27 thousand tons of bombardment each

Top 10 Russian Fighter Aircrafts

With 2,749 aircrafts the Russian Air Force is the second largest in the world, making Russia the 3rd strongest military power in the world. Today, we take a look at the top 10 fighter jets with the Russian army. No 10. Sukhoi Su-25 Role Close air support Cost per unit $11 million Introduced 1981 Number

Top 10 Gadgets for your iPhone 4

With a gazillion iPhone gadgets out there it can be pretty tough if you wan’t to choose a few among them. So, today we have hand picked a number of iPhone 4 gadgets for your convenience. Please be noted that this list is in no particular order. No 10. Vestalife Ladybug II Speakers Price: $54.99