The Military Mug

The military mug is purely designed for the military personals who are perfect and termed as men of steel. The military mug so called OPMOD has great looks and uses. Its not only a mug that but its a military mug, loaded with  bottle opener, night vision sight, three lasers, 90-degree angle sight, a pressure pad, bipod stand and shoulder sling to carry makes it a $250 worth item. The lasers can point till 50 feet and the scopes and visions are perfect. You can even place your mug on a bipod stand which sounds great. Now the good part is that all these accessories are detachable making your mug look like a regular mug.


The all new OPMOD comes out from a 13.5 pound aluminium brick purely and sleekly designed for combat. Its a must have item in which you get a bundle of things with it. The OPMOD weighs 24 ounce. If you are a military or forces lover its a good a thing to add in your inventory.


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