Russian Robot Makes The News For Managing To Escape From Its Training Compound

This recent news on robots is definitely not the type of story you would expect, and definitely the type of story that will kind of make you scared about the heights of development that robots have reached. A self-learning robot that was being trained at a facility in Russia managed to escape the training compound

Google Glass Like Bike Helmet Gives Live Maps On The Go

Ok so how many of you like the Google glass concept? If you love motorcycling and are among those geeks who adore technology, then there is something related to Google glass coming your way soon. A group of tech-,veterans from Russia have announced plans to begin selling what they call the LiveMap. Well, the LiveMap is

“Follow Me” Photography

“Follow Me” is the story of Russian Photographer Murad Osmann who had the pleasure of following his girlfriend all around the globe, where he took amazing photo-shots in which his girlfriend was pulling him along. The concept and the theme of the art is adorable as the loving couple walks on the streets of every famous destination

Top 10 Biggest Secrets Of Soviet Russia

How much do you really know about Soviet Union? Soviet Union has a history of being the most secretive nation in the world during the Cold war era. Today we have compiled a list of 10 biggest declassified secrets of Soviet Russia. 10. The World’s Worst Nuclear Disaster (At the Time) Kicking off with number

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

We, as humans, are known to be adrenaline junkies. Well, most of us are. We tell ourselves that the word danger is in our system, that its our middle name and what not. But the concept of skydiving, bungee jumping or any other adrenaline infused escapades that we indulge ourselves in seem like a harmless walk in

FPS Quad-copter Reality Or Fake, You Decide!

A famous Youtube Channel FPS has made great fame undoubtedly as its always fun to watch real guns, real ammos and real firing. So does the Russian chap does, he has been famous for trying all tiny to deadly weapons and he posts a video at his channel of the shooting one after the other. Mostly the

Russia’s Toughest Prisons [Full Documentary]

For the first time, three prisons across Russia unlock their doors to an international film crew. Go inside a top security facility where cannibals, terrorists and killers live out the rest of their days, to Russia’s oldest prison, to a Siberian prison camp where temperatures linger at 50 below. Inside Black Dolphin prison, a cannibal

Top 10 Brutal Serial Killers

You might know a few serial killers from the news and here and there but this list will tell you about some people whom it is even criminal to call humans, not literally of course. What’s more fascinating is the sentencing; some of these killers were only given a modest jail time with that too

Top 10 Powerful Heads of States and their Cars

If the head of a state is dead, the whole system is in chaos, but this rarely happens, thanks to modern day security which includes cars built like tanks in which these personalities travel. Today we present a list of some of the most powerful cars and even more powerful heads of state that use

Could Nuclear Bomb Be Stolen?

Right Since the moment the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place, the argument on the safety and security of nuclear bombs has come into the lime light and this concern is only growing with time as more and more nations are taking interest in becoming a nuclear state. After the Cold War between U.S. and