Eye-Opening Photos Depicting China’s Worsening Pollution

You may already have heard about China’s worsening conditions because of intense pollution but don’t have any clear idea of the reality of it. Not so surprisingly, whatever you’re imagining it to be, it’s much worse than that. Of course, that is not to say that China doesn’t offer beautiful and must-see sights and landscapes.

Chinese Street Photographer Has Special Eye For Random Peculiar Moments

For ten years, Tao Liu has been working as a water meter reader for the Hefei Water Supply Company. He started to have an interest in photography about three years ago with the use of a Fujifilm X100, which he used to capture random and unexpected moments during his break and after his work. He

Chinese Restaurants Cater To Customers With Robotic Staff

One of the most important amenities that must be provided at any restaurant is great customer service from friendly and attentive waiters. More and more, Chinese restaurants and hotels have been focusing on providing reliable waiting services  in their establishments and have began to replace their human staff with robots. A restaurant located in Jiangsu

Impressive architecture in the shape of a Lotus flower

In the heart of Wujin, China an alluring building sits in an artificial lake. The structure called the Lotus Building and People’s Park was inspired by the lotus flower, a symbol of the Chinese culture, and designed by Melbourne-based studio505. The Lotus flower undergoes three stages of development starting being a young bud and finishing

This Thief Grew a Conscious – And Now He Is An Internet Hero.

Sometimes losing your phone in theft is less painful than losing your life time contacts.  Well today we have a similar situation occurred to Zou Bin, a barman from Changsha, capital of the Hunan province, China.  Zou was returning home from his best friend’s bachelor party when the theft occurred. The unlucky man discovered next

China’s Futuristic Airport Terminal

China’s plans for the present century are much bigger than we thought. Apart from world’s fastest supercomputer or the longest trans oceanic bridges and even mass production of gadgets at an incredible speed, the architectural advancements are also noticeable. Shenzhen’s Bao-an International Airport of China is now welcoming this contemporary terminal. The new Terminal was designed by Italy’s Studio

A Week of Groceries In Different Countries [Pictures]

People of every society have their own distinct lifestyles and eating habits. Its a well known facts that people from western world consume 2 to 3 times more food per capita than people from eastern countries. This can be attributed to different cultures, income levels and difference in prosperity of the countries. Peter Menzel came

Amazing Food Art [Pictures]

If your eyes have relished the  Optical illusion and Street Art posts earlier, then take a look at this new stunning food art by Chinese artist ‘Red’ Hong Yi. She creates some amazing art work from food on her plate. Take a look at the fascinating gallery!

Chinese Hackers Hack India’s Defense System

According to “Times of India”, the Chinese hackers have reportedly broken into the top secret files of Indian Defense system. So far it has been acknowledged that it is the biggest security breach in the history of Indian Defense System. Due to this successful hacking attempt, major Indian missile and armament systems may have compromised been

Man Made A Dialysis Machine That Kept Him Alive For 13 Years

An Ambitious man from Nanjing, China, managed to keep himself alive by home made  dialysis machine. The story got popular and recently made headlines. According to a survey, only one out of eight people in China can afford dialysis. In 1993, Hu Songwen was diagnosed with renal failure. Since then he was asked by the doctors to visit the hospital every