food art

Cakes Disguised As Food

English baker Louise Caola’s specialty is making cakes that are disguised as food. Take a look at her jaw dropping work below.  

You’ve Got to Love this EatzyBitzy Food Art

If you are starving for more food art after our recent post, then rejoice. This delicious artwork by  EatzyBitzy  was created by Samantha Lee, a mother of two girls, as she was preparing food for her daughters. That’s why some people call this American lady the world’s best mom. Here is the gallery of her edible artwork.

A Week of Groceries In Different Countries [Pictures]

People of every society have their own distinct lifestyles and eating habits. Its a well known facts that people from western world consume 2 to 3 times more food per capita than people from eastern countries. This can be attributed to different cultures, income levels and difference in prosperity of the countries. Peter Menzel came

Amazing Food Art [Pictures]

If your eyes have relished the  Optical illusion and Street Art posts earlier, then take a look at this new stunning food art by Chinese artist ‘Red’ Hong Yi. She creates some amazing art work from food on her plate. Take a look at the fascinating gallery!