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These Customized Car Art Pieces From Keith Haring’s Portfolio Will Blow You Away

Previously when we saw a woman redesigned her husband’s vehicle by using Sharpie markers, we just thought it was cute and pretty. However there are some art pieces being showcased at The Unconventional Canvases of Keith Haring exhibition that will definitely blow you away with this art concept. Before dying at the very young age

Amazing Food Art [Pictures]

If your eyes have relished the  Optical illusion and Street Art posts earlier, then take a look at this new stunning food art by Chinese artist ‘Red’ Hong Yi. She creates some amazing art work from food on her plate. Take a look at the fascinating gallery!

Creative Street Art From Around The World Part II [PICTURES]

Previously we covered Creative Street Art where we showed how people can make use of their aesthetic sense to make streets more beautiful. Street Passers do praise such brilliant work that blends in with environment and make it more lively. Here are some more examples of great street art from around the world. Sit back and enjoy

Some Creative Street Art [PICTURES]

A funny yet clever collection of some amazing street art. These work of arts can do nothing but make you smile or make the world more attractive. Here is some collection of some street art from around the world: