China’s Futuristic Airport Terminal

China’s plans for the present century are much bigger than we thought. Apart from world’s fastest supercomputer or the longest trans oceanic bridges and even mass production of gadgets at an incredible speed, the architectural advancements are also noticeable. Shenzhen’s Bao-an International Airport of China is now welcoming this contemporary terminal. The new Terminal was designed by Italy’s Studio

Massive Playable Rubik Cube Building

They say art can change the world, seems true to me. Walking on a street with those sober buildings around you, you don’t expect a building in the form of a Rubik’s Cube, yes a giant Rubik’s cube. Such a building will definitely add some level of excitement to your experience. Well such a building

Stunning Architecture Coming To New York

World renowned Zaha Hadid Architects to design a condominium adjacent to the New York’s popular High Line Park. The 11-story residential development will be Hadid’s first project in New York City, leaving a permanent mark on the High Line’s architecture. Zaha Hadid is known for her contributions to worldwide architecture.  Her architecture mostly consist of unusual

See how this school bus was transformed into a luxury camper

This school bus was just an ordinary vehicle until it was redesigned by an architecture student Hank Butitta. Hank was tired of designing buildings for unreal clients during his academic time, so he started working on his own project; it gave him the opportunity of exploring details on a full scale. Hank bought a bus and

Top 10 Luxury Stone Dwellings

Dark, full of insects, harsh surroundings and by no means comfortable are few attributes that most of us would attach with a cave. However in some parts of the world, the story is different. Our ancestors in some areas not only managed to build homes within rocks but they managed to make it luxurious in

Top 10 Wonders Of Architecture Around The World

The design and creation of structures is one of the first way in which human beings expressed themselves – even ancient cave dwellings were modified to better suit human needs. However, innovation and creativity has at the same time been the hallmark of architecture. What we have for you today is a list of top

Top 10 Skylines Around The World

Town planning and Engineering go a long way back, one can’t survive without the other. With the modern technologies being employed and the ingenious minds of the engineers, we see a paradigm shift in the construction industry. For instance, instead of covering larger ground area, nowadays it’s about going taller and taller. Such buildings, known

Skyscrapers Made Of Lego Blocks

It is always fun to build things around with Lego. You may have seen various Lego based items including toys, trucks, robots and even various building models. Recently, there is a growing trend of modeling real life buildings to scale using lego blocks. This technique is being used by architecture companies and builders to show

Man Builds His UFO House As A Revenge To His Ex-Girlfriend

If you ever happen to pass through the Southern Coast of Puerto Rico, you will see a UFO on a top ground. If you do, calm your excitement and don’t call the police. Yes! it does look like a UFO and does exist there (but in the form of a house). Roberto Sanchez Rivera, a 58 years old

Amazing Concept Of Cupboard Transformation

If you are living in a small place and you are short of room and still you want to have a dream of having a cupboard, turn table and chairs in a same room then we found out a fantastic thing for your little room. Claudio Sibille is the artist who brought out this amazing