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Top 10 Famous Unfinished Buildings

Engineering marvels never stop to amaze mankind. There are tons of such examples where engineers pulled off great feats. However many a times, projects start up but due to lack of foresight and economic issues, the process gets hampered. Here are few such mega screw-ups that resulted in loss of millions of dollars. 10. Westminster

Top 10 Dangerous Airports Of The World

Ask any pilot what are the two most complicated facets of flying, and they’ll most likely say “take-off” and “landing”. All sorts of factors can have an impact on landings and take-offs, be it weather conditions, mountains, lack of sight, runway conditions etc. However, for the most part, pilots expertly handle these difficult situations on

Top 10 Places To Visit In Dubai

Planning to take a vacation from your tedious office routine? Got cash and want to enjoy some vacations? Dubai is the location for you then. One of the seven states of UAE, Dubai is the center for business activities and what not! You’ll find malls, structurally amazing buildings and artificial beauty over here. Tourists are

Top 10 Structurally Amazing Bridges

What started with a fallen tree has been taken to new level; both height and length, by engineers and technology. Bridges are a fundamental structure of transportation nowadays and engineers continually keep testing new materials and ideas when it comes to bridges. A mixture of science and imagination; bridges are quite fascinating as you will

Top 10 Iconic Buildings

The most fascinating constructions in the World which rules hearts all around the globe. The Top 10 most Influential and Iconic design buildings listed down as follows: 10. Hagia Sophia Hagia Sophia is a huge architectural attractiveness and a significant testimonial both for Byzantine and for Ottoman Empires. It formerly served the purpose of religious rejoice place for

Top Ten Most Expensive Constructions

#10 Mon-Fayette Expressway $ 5.4 billion The Mon-Fayette Expressway from Uniontown to Brownsville project was one of the division four Mon/Fayette Transportation Projects being undertaken by different construction agencies and companies. The companies involved in the execution of the plans were Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission (PTC), The West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways (WVDOH)