Join The Characters Of LEGO With Your Own 3D Printed Minifigure Of You

If you’re a fan of LEGO, you can now join in on the action in a new and exciting way by getting a Minifigure that is made in your likeness. There is a new shop that goes by the name of Funky 3D Faces, that is able to make custom LEGO heads using full-colour 3D

500,000 LEGO Bricks = An Epic Model Of Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’s ‘Death Star’

The proportions of the galactic planet-destroying superweapon called Death Star that appears in ‘Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope’ is so incredible that even in real life and in a much smaller size than seen in the movie, it looks awesome. In a video that was recently released on Youtube, the opening of

Father & Daughter Shows Off Their Creativity By Recreating Scenes From ‘Jurassic Park’

It’s always a too bad situation when kids don’t get to watch Jurassic Park, a movie hosting dinosaurs which many kids are fascinated about. Parents say the movie is too gory, and there is too much dangerous action for their kids to see. If you’re still looking for an appropriate way to blow their minds

Japanese Designer Creates Chocolate Lego Pieces

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi decided it was time Lego became more than just pieces for building art work, instead he wanted to appeal our hearts. Not one letter short of ingenuity, the idea to combine Lego and chocolate is simply irresistible for adults who will feel nostalgic and children who will hassle said

A Functional Microscope Built Using Only Lego Pieces!

Artist Carl Merriam built a functional microscope using only lego parts. Merriam who is famously known for his intricate Lego renderings of mythical create Cthulhu and other creations submitted the microscope to Lego Ideas, an initiative by the Lego Group to crowd source, model and distribute new designs. In order to qualify designs must receive the

The Totally Customizable Do-It-Yourself Smartphone

As soon as a new smartphone comes out, the ‘piece of utter junk’ we’ve have bought 6 months back instantly becomes distasteful to us. Heck, we’re saying this all over again with the new iPhone that’s just been released. Mostlydue to frivolous reasons ( and some minor technology or software change) people love to stay

Lego Machines Help Scientists Make Synthetic Bones

Cambridge university scientists are determined in creating synthetic bones to help humanity. The bones are one of the most vital component of your body on which the whole mass of body rests and without it you might be just a hump of flesh. So how are these scientists creating the synthetic bones? The team at Cambridge university

Skyscrapers Made Of Lego Blocks

It is always fun to build things around with Lego. You may have seen various Lego based items including toys, trucks, robots and even various building models. Recently, there is a growing trend of modeling real life buildings to scale using lego blocks. This technique is being used by architecture companies and builders to show

A Working Cart Made Entirely From Lego

There are many Lego fans in the world and people like to build great things from Lego kits. But unlike others, a Dutch Lego fan, Eric Steenstra is thinking out of the box. He made a fully functional cart that is made from Lego. This go-cart is tough enough to carry his son. Now what’s really

Using Android to control Lego Mindstorms

This is a short post on the more entertaining side of Android showing a project that the Enea team in Linköping, Sweden, prepared for an expo. It is a one minute video from the demonstration.