The Totally Customizable Do-It-Yourself Smartphone

As soon as a new smartphone comes out, the ‘piece of utter junk’ we’ve have bought 6 months back instantly becomes distasteful to us. Heck, we’re saying this all over again with the new iPhone that’s just been released. Mostlydue to frivolous reasons ( and some minor technology or software change) people love to stay

Spider Silk — The Coming Technology

Spider silk could be the next technology ahead which can bring a big revolution in electronics industry. A team from Iowa State University US have discovered that the spider silk could be one of the most efficient material in the conductivity of heat in future. Professor Xinwei Wang the head of research department told that the

The Tiny Camera By Thanko

Thanko sometimes comes up with some antique items, this little so called tiny camera is also one of there creation. The camera much like resemble a normal DSLR shape with its lens pointed and ready to shoot! Amazingly this tiny little thing has a capacity of shooting videos in 640×480 resolution (AVI, at 30fps) and taking pictures

Duracell Giving Hopes For Wireless Charging

Wireless charging of every electronic equipment of yours is just as you are dreaming to be in a 2050. But the Duracell snatched that future here for you. So there is finally a thing that has been produced by which every mobile phone can now be charged wirelessly (who knows in future your every household might be

Top 10 Patents by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs a true icon in the world of business passed away. In the memory of his unforgettable contribution in the field of revolutionizing the computers and electronics we present you with the top ten patents under his name; #10. Cursor control device The Peripheral devices invented by the iMac’s engineers and Steve Jobs is

Lec 1 | MIT 6.002 Circuits and Electronics, Spring 2007

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