Duracell Giving Hopes For Wireless Charging

Wireless charging of every electronic equipment of yours is just as you are dreaming to be in a 2050. But the Duracell snatched that future here for you. So there is finally a thing that has been produced by which every mobile phone can now be charged wirelessly (who knows in future your every household might be getting charged wirelessly)

So there is actually a skinny little pad called the Powermat WiCC made by Duracell which does the job of wireless charging. Now all the procedure is very simple but the implementation of this project is difficult since it requires coordination with the mobile manufactures and OEMs to bring revolution to the world. Since the mobile manufacturers have to add six electrical connectors to their battery compartments two working for power, two for NFC communications and two for data. Now adding of two electrical connectors in the phone will definitely cost money to the manufacturers and then ultimately to the buyers, but this is one time job, no one has to connect the charger then any more.

Now the question is that how it works! Its simple and easy all you have to do is remove your back cover of the battery and place the WiCC on your battery. But the question is still there that will the manufacturing companies promote this idea and will be be available for us in coming years. Lets hope for it that we see that technology really soon.

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