Sony Develops Headphones That Offer A Much Personal Version To Bluetooth Speakers

sony concept n 1

Headphones that will deliver good quality and can still allow you to pay attention to the ambient sounds around you while on-the-go, is almost a never. Want to listen to good quality music but not miss out on the conversation you family is casually having? Our answer would be the same, almost never. I say “almost a never” with doubt this time as Sony has released the concept of a pair of headphones that claim it will be able to do allow this. This is Sony’s Concept N headphones.

sony concept n 2

The pioneering design of this headphone is quite different from the traditional ones as wearing it does not involve putting it over or in your ears. As a matter of fact, there are no buds or ear pads included. The trick behind the headphones these headphones is that the tips of it are designed to sit on the side of your neck. These tips contain speakers that will shoot sounds upwards straight to the ear, essentially serving as a precision-targeted speaker.

sony concept n 3

As the Sony Concept N’s sound allows sounds from your environment, the sound delivered through it also won’t disrupt anyone outside of your immediate vicinity, ensuring that everyone else around you is not disrupted as the way Bluetooth speakers would.

sony concept n 5

Just in case you prefer to wear you headphones the traditional in-the-ear way, a pair of buds are also provided. The headphones also come with an integrated camera and voice command support.

The Concept N by Sony is currently still only a prototype. It is being developed by the Future Lab division.

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