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The New Lotus Exige Matte Black Is Stunning

Previously lotus has been doing this kinda stuff that they bring some regional colours with a bit more or less attractive features and launch them at different regions. Well this time Lotus does the same and bring exige matte black in final edition which is turned to be for Northern market of America.

The new lotus looks amazing in the black finish and if are a lotus lover you might love to watch the gallery of this amazing car. So if you live in North America and you think that this special edition car is for you than save your bucks to spend on this beauty. Taking a look at the body of this car we found that its hood is well designed to give it a a good sports look with different speakers on the body. The grill and the spoiler at the back make its looks way to awesome. No doubt it lacks a bit length than the usual sports cars but the fine cuts at the body and of all the fabulous colour look make it extra hot!

Take a look at the pictures

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