How to Block Friends Requests on Facebook?

Facebook, with over 300 million active users is the most successful social networking website. Some years ago when it was debuted, it succeeded to attract huge market because of its strict privacy options in contrast with options provided by other social networking websites. Block friends request was such as option that was liked by most of the people. But now users are getting really annoyed as Facebook has terminated that option. Now there are only two options for the users to choose from whom he or she can get friend requests. The options are “Everyone” and “Friends of Friends”.

There is no option in Facebook to change these settings. However there are two tricks which one can follow to avoid unneeded or undesired friends.

  • Make a group in your friend list and give any name to it like social barrier or crazy souls etc. Put all your unwanted friends in it and allow them to see your limited profile. You can even hide your photos and wall from them.
  • If you want to avoid friend request from some particular person, click on the Block Lists given at the bottom of the Privacy page. Click Edit Settings. In the given field of block users, type the name and email of the person you want to block. This will block the particular contact.

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