Guy Turns Car Dust Into Amazing Artwork

Some artists make use of edibles such as eggs or bananas; others turn their body into a canvas. But here’s a guy who uses dust as paint and cars as canvas, recreating complex urban skylines and landscapes through the dust accumulated on the surface of cars. During his on-duty hours in streets of Azerbaijan’s capital, parking attendant Rafael Veyisov

Hyundai Veloster Machine Will Help You Survive Zombie Apocalypse

    Hyundai unveiled this heart-pounding concept car, developed by Galpin Auto Sports, targeted at… the zombie apocalypse.  The car-maker teamed up with Robert Kirkman (creator and writer of The Walking Dead) to unveil the 2013 Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine. This badass has a roof mounted machine gun, and two chainsaws for mowing down the

STELLA — World’s First Solar Powered Family Car

Talking about the cars, one would love to have cheaper fuel sourcea and high efficiency cars both at the same time! Solar powered cars give the best call for this solution so far. There have been lots of speculation about hybrid cars but that’s not it. Many people have came up with innovative ideas. Out

Deserted Super Cars In Dubai

While the rest of the world is drooling for luxury cars, Dubai has got the opposite problem. During the finanical crunch of 2009-2011, Dubai faced a similar economic recession as the rest of the world. People who had stakes in industries like Real Estate lost billions and were indebted. Most of them fleed the country

10 Amazing and Real Flying Cars

Ever since imaginative science fiction came into being, people have been talking about flying cars and it so happens that quite a few successful attempts have been made at this. The interesting fact about a flying car is that it’s a two in one traveling machine, in the air as well as on the ground.

Sidewall Skiing – The New Craze In Saudia Arabia

Sidewall skiing is the new crazy sport that has become viral in the middle east. This dangerous yet exciting sport has originated from Saudia Arabia. It basically means driving a car on its side wheels at high speed. The driver drives the car on two wheels and passengers perform all kind of tricks and stunts which

The New Mercedes 300SL PANAMERICANA

The legendary Mercedes 300SL of the 50s gets a new remake. The reborn form of 300SL is known as Panamericana. The car has been developed by American company GullWing America (GWA) from San Antonio – Texas and it is an inspiration from the mythic Mercedes 300 SL “Gullwing”. The new legendary car allows you to drive and have

World’s Smallest V-12 Engine Made By A Spanish Engineer (Video)

For all the engineers and automotive lovers this might be a special news. Patelo, a Spanish engineer has spent over 1200 hours in designing, crafting and drilling the world’s smallest V12 engine. Starting with scrap material and hunks of different materials like steel, bronze and aluminium, the fully operational engine has been designed. The engine is powered

Image Of The Day: Car Crash Sculpture Made From Human Bodies

Emma Hack, an Australian body artist loves to make stunning living sculptures. Recently, she came up with a Car crash sculpture made from human bodies! This time she used 17 people (men and women both). These 17 people included combination of athletes, body builders and acrobats. These all were ordered in such a way that they took

The New Lamborghini Gallardo 2013

The top favorite Italian brand “Lamborghini” has made a great repute in the world of automobiles thanks to its engineering and design ingenuity. The traditions of this great company has never let hopes of people go down with every newer model light years ahead of previous model. Talking about the Lamborghini Gallardo, although the previous models carry every