The Jaguar F-Type 2013 — The New Beast Of Town

Jaguar has officially unveiled their 2013 Jaguar F-Type, and boy O boy, this car is indeed a spectacular beast. There are actually three different variations of the car; two of them are provided with V6 engines, whereas the third one runs on the more powerful V8. The difference between the two V6 versions is that one pumps

Ukrainian Lambo Fan Turns His Mitsubishi Eclipse Into Lamborghini Reventon

Some people go to any length to achieve their dreams, Today we feature another fellow from Ukraine who built his own Lamborghini Reventon replica. Previously we covered an article in which a young farmer from china made his own Lamborghini Reventon. And now we have another lambo fan who has converted his Mitsubishi Eclipse into Lamborghini Reventon

The Tiny Car That Runs On Air!

Recently, Electric cars have caught the eye of manufacturers and investors who have started working towards this technology more aggressively. The drawback, currently, is that electric cars are too costly. But now comes a technology that might just change all that. A little car known as Airpod is the first commercial project of this technology; technology

The Giant Pong Played By Cars

The Giant pong played by two cars? That was amazing to watch! If you don’t know about it yet, let us tell you what it actually is. The Giant pong was actually devised as an advertisement for the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive; the whole set up was done by an ad agency BBDO and the giant-screen game

A Real Transforming Robot Is Here

This is like a fantasy! We are not talking about Michael Bay’s Transformers from Cybertron! But now there is a real autobot that transforms from car to robot. It doesn’t stop here as it is also capable of pretty good fighting actions and doing HURRAH moves. Sounds great, isn’t it? Well Kenji Ishida from JS Robotics is the

Man Wins The Drive Of BMW After Keeping His Hand Glued For 87 Hours

The competition named “Who Can Keep Their Hand on the BMW” started as a promotional advertisement of BMW in china.  120 participants, between age of 18 to 40 entered the competition. Organizers brought out a palm shaped sticker and glued them at different places of car. The participants were to keep their hands on those stickers and the one

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate Coming To Roads

Aston Martin DBS Ultimate is on its way to launch and it will be one elegant car. You can call it as a sports car or you may term it as your luxurious ride to spin around the city. The new two door vehicle is the ultimate version of Aston Martin. The car boasts 510

Arrinera – The Future Super Car With Night Vision Technology

Super cars are slowly superseding conventional cars. Right now, everyone owns a conventional car but very soon people might be moving towards super cars to make them their casual cars. To encourage the super car concept, manufacturers are introducing some super technologies inside these cars at affordable price tags. So by 2013, with a handsome budget of $100,000,you

Man Straps A Cruise Missile To His Car

What more crazy can it be than strapping up a cruise missile on the roof of your car! I never thought people could go that insane in modifying a car. Well now we know one. Paul Stender, a 44 year old person from Indianapolis along with his wife converted their 1967 Chevrolet into a Jet powered

Laser Displays On Windshields Of Cars

The display inside a fighter aircraft must have amazed you at some point of your life. Now imagine having every important thing of your car being displayed on your windshield, the same way. This would mean that instead of looking down at the meters, you can just watch at the laser displays on the windscreen.