BMW Celebrates Their 100th By Unveiling Their Very First Autonomous Vehicle

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, BMW has unveiled their very first autonomous vehicle called ‘Vision Next 100’. It brings to us the future of the brand. The futuristic design of the BMW Vision Next 100 is delivered with accessories including shape-shifting, which they call ‘alive geometry’; and two different modes to drive in, ‘boost’

BMW Reveals New Solar Powered Station For Electric Cars

Earlier this month, BMW unveiled its Solar carport concept that allows electric car owners to refuel their vehicles. The innovative piece was displayed at a media launch held in Los Angeles for the BMW i8. The carport concept features an open style design with overhead solar panels, bamboo columns and carbon fibre composition. It is believed

Amazing New Sled Designed By BMW For Competitions

What more do you want if you have the most intuitive designs in front of you. BMW has presented a masterpiece in the the form of this new automobile. It seems that the age of smart materials has begun and new materials are being introduced that increase the car’s performance, speed and aerodynamics .Well as the company

Top 10 Car Manufacturers of the World

There are millions of automobiles being driven on the roads and the streets of countries all around the world and there are hundreds of different manufacturers that are responsible for designed, developing and distributing these models. Here is a list of the top ten car manufacturers around the world. 10. Renault Renault makes this list

BMW M9 Concept

BMW i8 concept is still new to many folks, but German automobile makers couldn’t resist to introduce another concept to the World. This time its the all new BMW M9 Concept, and boy-o-boy its totally mind boggling vehicle. One should pay credit to the designers who designed this stunning car. Though its still a concept, if it

The New BMW ZAGATO Coupe

The new BMW ZAGATO Coupe is a joint creation of ZAGATO and BMW. The two companies teamed up to create the Zagato sports coupe and it was all done for the Villa dEste Elegance Contest. Looking at the shape of the car, the large front hood stands out. Moreover, the large grids and the big sized

The Amazing Story of Barn Cars

This is an amazing story a retired New York citizen. After his retirement, he wanted to spend his retirement money wisely. So he decided to buy a home and a few acres of land in Portugal. The farm house he was interested to buy was vacant for about 15 years. The owner and his wife both died

The New BMW 4 Series Coupe

Say hello to the new BMW 4 Series Coupe! The German car producer has unveiled yet another beauty. If you have been a BMW fan then you must be waiting for this release. So the wait is now over as BMW 4 Series Coupe is hitting the market during the later half of 2013. Previously

2013 BMW M6 Coupe

BMW has finally released official images and specifications of the new M6. The new car is coming in 2013 and its official presentation will be held in March 2013 at Geneva. The car is going to be a convertible. The German brand has undoubtedly made M6 very attractive thanks to its streamlined design and modern

Man Wins The Drive Of BMW After Keeping His Hand Glued For 87 Hours

The competition named “Who Can Keep Their Hand on the BMW” started as a promotional advertisement of BMW in china.  120 participants, between age of 18 to 40 entered the competition. Organizers brought out a palm shaped sticker and glued them at different places of car. The participants were to keep their hands on those stickers and the one