Toyota Set To Unveil Their Electric Wooden Car Called ‘Setsuna’

At the Milan Design Week to be held next month, Toyota will be unveiling their concept car that might bring you back to the earlier days of cars. The attractive new concept car called the electric Setsuna, which is stands for ‘moment’ in Japanese, is made primarily of wood. The engine is electric and dimensions slightly

Toyota Reveals Their Secret To Getting Around Traffic In Small Cities

As people continue to flood urban cities, getting around with the heavy traffic that comes as a result becomes much more difficult. While some people would simply solve this problem by choosing to travel by bike, others have immediately dismissed this alternative because it is very risky. Not so far from now, personal transportation will

Toyota iRoad — The New Electric Vehicle

While world is busy in providing luxury and performance vehicles, Toyota is thinking out of the box. The auto giant is aiming to hit the market with a totally new concept. It’s neither a car nor a bike but rather something between them. Toyota iRoad is powered by a pair of 2 kW electric motors, attached to the front

Top 10 Car Manufacturers of the World

There are millions of automobiles being driven on the roads and the streets of countries all around the world and there are hundreds of different manufacturers that are responsible for designed, developing and distributing these models. Here is a list of the top ten car manufacturers around the world. 10. Renault Renault makes this list

Best of 2012 Detroit Auto Show

Well, you don’t go further when you are looking for the best and you come across the Detroit Auto Show. It is the No. 1 place for manufacturers seeking to unveil their latest and greatest models. This year saw more than 50 cars being unveiled at the show. So, here is our list of the

Top 10 Obsolete Automotive Features

Technology has evolved at an ever increasing pace for the last 50 years or so and automobiles are no exception. Engineering, safety and efficiency have improved to amazing levels and at the same time we have seen some feature disappear over time. Today, we take a look at 10 such features, which unfortunately gave way

A Must Have App For Car Lovers

You call yourself a fan of smart engine? a lover of car? Well then there is a must have app for you in Apple store. Pity for those who don’t have iPad, since it is an official iPad app! The app contains detailed knowledge of cars and their engine, sound, documentary, 360 viewing pictures and videos.

10 Best Selling Cars of 2011

The top 3 cars in 2011 were the same as in 2010, but the remainder list of the best-sellers did change. Take a look at the complete list with our top selling cars of 2011. North American figures listed. No 10. Chevy Cruze Units Sold: 231,732 The Cruze LS is powered by a 1.8-liter inline-4

Toyota Aims Safety In Developing Future

Toyota being the biggest manufacturers of car industry in Japan leads the future technology for vehicle and human safety in a different fashion. Reportedly many road traffic accidents in Japan were caused due to the elderly drivers due to heart attack , and their impact to the pedestrians or other cars on the traffic road. So

A Weekend Super Cars Party

New Jersey coffee shop has become a hot spot for the super cars owners. The local coffee shop owner clears out the parking at every weekend and calls to all girls and guys who have spent a huge money on their dream cars. The parking lot is full of all the cool cars which one