Little Printer For Your Mobile Phone

A new lovely little printer is heading towards the market. This printer is kinda cute and special, as name says Little Printer, well ofcourse yes its a tiny little printer which does the job in a fascinating way. It is right now not in market but as told by the company it will be launching in the

Facebook Buys Instagram For 1Million Dollar

The King of social network Facebook will soon be added on with instagram app. CEO Mark Zuckerberg told the fans by posting it on his wall that facebook which has infact become an addiction to world has now been added with more ingredients to play with. Instagram got biggest likes in past two years history and

A Must Have App For Car Lovers

You call yourself a fan of smart engine? a lover of car? Well then there is a must have app for you in Apple store. Pity for those who don’t have iPad, since it is an official iPad app! The app contains detailed knowledge of cars and their engine, sound, documentary, 360 viewing pictures and videos.

The One Note Android App

So a much awaited one note has been released by the developers on Android. Previously we have seen that One Note app was available on Windows Phone then it was made available on iPhone and now finally the Microsoft made it available on the Android market as well. Its functioning the same as it functioned on

Top 10 Apps for Google Chrome

Google chrome is the third most widely used browser with 22.14% worldwide usage share of web browsers and its market share is growing by the day. Among other amazing features such as minimalist interface, blazing fast page-load times and support for extensions are Chrome Apps, which are Chrome-optimized versions of websites with interactive features including

Top 10 Reasons to Buy iPad 2

With Apple virtually taking over the tech world, it is really hard to not notice their might. Recent figures show Apple’s profit was a mind boggling 7.31 billion dollars for the June quarter with 9.25 million iPads sold. Today, we take a look at some reasons as to why you should follow other millions of

Top 10 Car Gadgets & Accessories

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas each January is where gadget makers gather to show off their latest gizmos, and in the past few years CES has increasingly attracted automakers and suppliers who introduce their tech innovations at the show alongside aftermarket companies. And while CES is a showcase for products and features that

DARPA Looking to Develop iPhone and Android Apps

Sure, in the past we’ve got a hearty chuckle out of initiatives that involved Redfly terminals and Clippy variants, but the question remains: how can we get cutting-edge tech into the hands of soldiers faster?

Windows 7 On an iPad? Yes You Can

Want to run Windows 7 on the new Apple iPad? Citrix says it will soon be possible–at least virtually–using a new version of its Citrix Receiver software.