Soon You Will Be Able To Customize Your Phone’s Hardware

Things get priceless and closer to your heart when personalized, customization is captivating and Motorola takes care of that. Moto X came up with the same idea, with its customizable color combinations. The company is exploring the same concept a colossal step further by letting customers fabricate their own phone. The Google Company just declared Ara

Zaha Hadid’s Mind Blowing Yacht

Zaha Hadid’s signature designs mostly have fluid dynamics exteriors, unique structures and flexible spaces. This time Zaha Hadid created a 90m yacht, a design highly influenced by underwater ecosystems along with hydrodynamics. The exoskeleton structure at the exterior is pure beauty; it’s interlaced network of supports that vary in thickness. It evokes an organic marine form and also connects different levels

Google Patent To Bring Gesture Controlled Cars!

Surely, this is an era of technology; innovations surround you and amaze you with their extraordinary creativity. Now Google presents a car design that would allow you to control the vehicle by gestures. This design works by using a camera mounted in your car’s ceiling and a laser in your dashboard, allowing Google to read

Grab Some Rest – Unless You have a Fear of Heights: Chair Hanged 110 meters Above Ground.

If you are a buccaneer this is your chance to exploit this crazy design. Grab this seat and view spectacular panoramas you always wanted to see from an angle that the normal topography doesn’t offer. Dallin Smith, a designer from Provo, Utah, designed a rope chair and attached it midway on a steep rocky cliff

See how this school bus was transformed into a luxury camper

This school bus was just an ordinary vehicle until it was redesigned by an architecture student Hank Butitta. Hank was tired of designing buildings for unreal clients during his academic time, so he started working on his own project; it gave him the opportunity of exploring details on a full scale. Hank bought a bus and

Zany underground hotel concept becomes a reality

What you see here is the SongJiang Hotel concept, a unique project taking advantage of an abandoned water-filled quarry. Here is the photo of the pit as it is today: The design won an international competition for China’s 5-star resort hotel. It incorporates a number of 10 meter deep aquariums and two levels of aquatic

STELLA — World’s First Solar Powered Family Car

Talking about the cars, one would love to have cheaper fuel sourcea and high efficiency cars both at the same time! Solar powered cars give the best call for this solution so far. There have been lots of speculation about hybrid cars but that’s not it. Many people have came up with innovative ideas. Out

iPhone 5 Spotted In Apple Inventory Systems

According to sources, Apple inventory systems already have next-generation iPhones. This iPhone is expected to include an A5 processor, perhaps 1GB of RAM, a dual-mode GSM/CDMA chipset, glass front and back panels, 3.5 inch display, and an 8 megapixel rear camera. As per sources, the model number in the inventory system, MD239,is the same as

Alleged iPhone 4S Component Photos Display Modified Antenna Base

A change in the antenna design of the revamped, cheaper iPhone 4 has been indicated by a series of its purported design photos. The images show a frame without case joint on the top or either side of the top of the phone. Present GSM iPhone 4 models sold by global carriers including AT&T have

Top 10 Reasons to Buy iPad 2

With Apple virtually taking over the tech world, it is really hard to not notice their might. Recent figures show Apple’s profit was a mind boggling 7.31 billion dollars for the June quarter with 9.25 million iPads sold. Today, we take a look at some reasons as to why you should follow other millions of