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Pictures Of Low-cost iPhone 4 ‘N90A’ Leaked From Foxconn Factory

The low budget iPhone N90A to be introduced next week has been spotted at Foxconn’s new Brazilian factory. The existing iPhone 4 model no. is N90, and as the difference in the name suggests, the changes made are exceptionally minute. To further authenticate this, the front panels visible in the pictures revealed appear to be

Alleged iPhone 4S Component Photos Display Modified Antenna Base

A change in the antenna design of the revamped, cheaper iPhone 4 has been indicated by a series of its purported design photos. The images show a frame without case joint on the top or either side of the top of the phone. Present GSM iPhone 4 models sold by global carriers including AT&T have

Analyst: Lower-end iPhone Would Have To Te A ‘Category-killer’

RBC Capital analyst, Mike Abramsky, told clients in a note that, after a meeting with two of Apple’s top executives, RBC Capital Markets, the company’s major requirement for launching a lower-end iPhone is whether the handset would offer an “innovative, category-killer experience.” Abramsky recently has a meeting with Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook and

Analyst: Free iPhone Would Double Apple’s Market Share

In a note to clients, RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky says that Apple could double its smartphone market share by offering a free iPhone 3GS, however, many believe it to be impossible. “As its entry-level iPhone strategy, Apple is expected to cut iPhone 3GS to $0 (on contract, $399 unsubsidized) in conjunction with iPhone 5

Apple Gunning For Android In India With Unlocked iPhone 3GS

On May 27, the iPhone 4 officially got launched in the 1.2 billion people market of India, starting at 34,500 Indian rupees (about $760) for the 16GB version after a two-year service agreement. But due to the high price of the iPhone, 41.6 percent of the total population was unable to buy it as they

Is Pre-paid And Mid-market The Future For iPhone?

Traditional pre-release Apple hardware predictions have begun for the next generation of iPhone. As per Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, two iPhones will be launched this fall, one a true next-generation iPhone 5 device, and the other an “iPhone 4S” that would actually resemble the iPhone 4, but would be sold unlocked with pre-paid service