Tim Cook

Looks Like This Would Be The Final iPhone 5

In couple of days Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to announce the much awaited iPhone 5. By now we have seen various leaked photos. Some might be fake, but some seem to be true. Nowhereelse.fr are the folks who have got some shots of the new iPhone 5 assembly and this time it pretty

Steve Jobs Had His Trust And Faith In Tim Cook

The relationship between the Apple Co founder and his successor has been unveiled in one of the excerpts leaked online of Steve Jobs’ upcoming biography. Tim Cook joined Apple in the year 1998; he quickly earned the trust of Jobs by delivering on every task assigned. Cook said in an interview, “My intuition told me

iPhone 4S Launch Pulls Apple’s Stocks Down

Soon after the launch of IPhone 4S, Apple stocks plunged by over five points in early trading in New York. Analysts, however, said that this was well anticipated. It is a common belief that the launch of iPhone 5 not getting materialized after weeks of hype is one of the key reasons of this down

Analysis: When A Leaner iPhone Just Isn’t Good Enough

Tim Cook won’t be able to justify his position by just pushing out slimmer versions of the iPhone or iPad. He will have to come up with some revolutionary product to prove that he is just as good as Jobs was. According to industry analysts and experts the situation will be rather clear by as

Some Of Steve Jobs’ Golden Moments

Steve Jobs, Apple’s inspirational co-founder, has stepped down as Apple’s CEO. Indeed he was a person who always believed in doing than just dreaming, who was known all over the world for his innovation and vision. Although this step down was not entirely unexpected, it still came as a shocker. The goods news, however, is that

10 Interesting facts about the New CEO of Apple

Steve Jobs resigned from the post of CEO of the Apple Company, the only thought in mind right now among many of us, even a guy like me who haven’t ever used any product of Apple searched for the reasons behind his resignation though all in vain but the world seems enthusiastic about the word

Analyst: Lower-end iPhone Would Have To Te A ‘Category-killer’

RBC Capital analyst, Mike Abramsky, told clients in a note that, after a meeting with two of Apple’s top executives, RBC Capital Markets, the company’s major requirement for launching a lower-end iPhone is whether the handset would offer an “innovative, category-killer experience.” Abramsky recently has a meeting with Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook and

Is Pre-paid And Mid-market The Future For iPhone?

Traditional pre-release Apple hardware predictions have begun for the next generation of iPhone. As per Deutsche Bank analyst Chris Whitmore, two iPhones will be launched this fall, one a true next-generation iPhone 5 device, and the other an “iPhone 4S” that would actually resemble the iPhone 4, but would be sold unlocked with pre-paid service