One Ring to Unlock Them All!

The Near Field Communication (NFC) standard has become a super useful way of sharing things, by allowing you to interact with other devices wirelessly for communication and data sharing. Well, here is something new from John McLear which he calls “The NFC Ring”. If you are a tech geek then you would love to have this

Looks Like This Would Be The Final iPhone 5

In couple of days Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to announce the much awaited iPhone 5. By now we have seen various leaked photos. Some might be fake, but some seem to be true. are the folks who have got some shots of the new iPhone 5 assembly and this time it pretty

Now Use Coins To Pay For Your Apps With NFC Technology!

Developers are anxious to explore the powerful new world of NFC technology. So they have made a new machine known as NFC Gumball Machine; which allows you to buy apps for your phones and tablets. NFC Gumball Machine is a project created by a team known as Razorfish from Germany. The operation of the machine