iPhone 3GS

Tips: Make Battery last longer on your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

Majority of iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS users are facing short battery life problem. Well! It’s not like Apple has not improved the battery as these both devices awesome in all aspects and nobody can expect that these devices contain short battery life. If you also notice that your iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 battery

iPhone Can Now Tell What Other People Are Typing

iPhone has been turned into a spy phone by the researchers at Georgia Tech’s School of Computer Science. iPhone does this by a technique that detects the keystroke patterns involving the sequence of punches, and differing distances between the keys. The most amazing fact about this is the up to 80% accuracy of finding what

Report: iPhone 4 And 3GS Are The Best-Selling U.S. Smartphones

Research firm NPD has published its new Mobile Phone Track report for the Q2 of 2011, indicating Android to lead, as before, the U.S. smartphone market with 52% of new sales during the quarter while Apple’s iPhone found the second spot with 29%. According to the report, Apple’s 14-month old iPhone is leading the market

Free 8 GB iPhone 3GS Available At Best Buy

iPhone 3GS is being offered by official Apple dealer Best Buy for nothing at all — provided that you sign, for the next two years, your wireless life to AT&T. The deal is only applicable on the 8GB model of the iPhone 3GS, and buyers must be totally new to AT&T, or be advancing from

RadioShack Offering Discounted iPhone 3GS, 4 Handsets Until August 20th

This may not be the hottest sale you’re hoping for, but it’s something to look into. According to CNET, from now through August 20, RadioShack is cutting an amount of US$30 off the price of Apple’s iPhone 4, as well as the iPhone 3GS. Even bigger discounts can be had if buyers bring in their

iOS 4.3.4 Firmware is available to download for iOS devices

Apple has released another iOS version for your iPhone, iPad touch or iPad devices namely iOS 4.3.4. It was also said that Apple will give iOS 4.3.4 firmware to end user in order to exploit that are PDF based. These PDF based exploit use by Jailbreak for jailbreak iPhone and all other devices that supported.

Apple Gunning For Android In India With Unlocked iPhone 3GS

On May 27, the iPhone 4 officially got launched in the 1.2 billion people market of India, starting at 34,500 Indian rupees (about $760) for the 16GB version after a two-year service agreement. But due to the high price of the iPhone, 41.6 percent of the total population was unable to buy it as they

Apple’s iPhone Ranks In Middle Of Pack For Radiation

As concerns have grown over the potential negative health effects of cell phone radiation, it has been found that Apple’s iPhones produce average amounts of radiation, while several Motorola handsets have been rated as emitting the most. World Health Organization made headlines on Tuesday when it altered its position on the potential dangers of mobile

Enabling FaceTime on iPhone 3GS

FaceTime is software that enables video calling. It is developed by Apple for iPhone 4. Cydia store recently reported about the jailbreak app with which users of 3Gs iPhone can enjoy FaceTime on their iPhone. The app is FaceIt-3GS. To enable the FaceTime on previous models, this app does a little bit of tweaking with

How to use Greenpois0n to Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2.1?

Finally a tool is released by chronic dev team that is meant for Jailbreaking iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV. The tool is Greenpois0n, which can Jailbreak any of the above mentioned devices. The following guide will describe the whole procedure of Jailbreaking in windows. Steps: First of all launch the application by downloading it