iPhone 3G

How to use Photoshop on iPhone

Imagine using photoshop on your iphone for free. Now you can use an application by which you can crop, rotate, flip your images and do lots of adjustments while paying nothing in return. This application is known as photoshop.com.Mobile, believe me its free and available for everyone. This app works just fine and the best

iPhone hacker expert tip to make your iPhone 3G faster on iOS 4

Few of iPhone users have complained that when they added iOS 4 into their iPhone 3G, it has slows down iPhone performance. Due to this reason, unfortunately they have to shift towards downgrade version that is iOS 3.1.3. Comex is an iPhone hacking expert and created several jailbreaking tools such as Spirit. He has recommended

Apple’s iPhone Ranks In Middle Of Pack For Radiation

As concerns have grown over the potential negative health effects of cell phone radiation, it has been found that Apple’s iPhones produce average amounts of radiation, while several Motorola handsets have been rated as emitting the most. World Health Organization made headlines on Tuesday when it altered its position on the potential dangers of mobile

How to use Greenpois0n to Jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G on iOS 4.2.1?

Finally a tool is released by chronic dev team that is meant for Jailbreaking iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple TV. The tool is Greenpois0n, which can Jailbreak any of the above mentioned devices. The following guide will describe the whole procedure of Jailbreaking in windows. Steps: First of all launch the application by downloading it

How to Install and Use Installous on Your iPhone/ iPod Touch

A Jailbroken iPhone is not as much fun unless you can install all possible Apple app store apps for free. This is where you need to install Installous. This is an app that allows you to install practically any cracked Apple store app on your jailbroken iPhone/ iPod Touch for free. Here is how you