iOS 4

How to use wingdings and emoji into iOS Folder Labels

Different advancements have been made in iOS to make it more attractive and beautiful. One of them is to use wingdings and emoji to iOS folders. You can use them to folder labels to make it interactive and good looking. Wingdings can be used in folder labels and emoji can be used as an icon

Quitting multitask apps on the iPhone

Latest release of iOS 4 has introduced new features like multitasking in iphones and ipod, ipod touch. By this feature you can open more than one application in a time but quitting these apps running in the background is an issue to be addressed here. User can close all these unwanted application running at the

New useful tricks in iOS 4

There are bundles of new features that Apple has been added in iOS 4. It is quite difficult to keep track of all new features or install them into your iPhone device. So, you need to choose few of specific features that are useful, cool and exciting. Here I suggest you few new features that

iPhone hacker expert tip to make your iPhone 3G faster on iOS 4

Few of iPhone users have complained that when they added iOS 4 into their iPhone 3G, it has slows down iPhone performance. Due to this reason, unfortunately they have to shift towards downgrade version that is iOS 3.1.3. Comex is an iPhone hacking expert and created several jailbreaking tools such as Spirit. He has recommended

Enable multitasking for Cydia on your iOS 4 device

Cydia does not support the multitasking on iOS 4. Cydia 1.1. Saurik has introduced a new feature that lets you to resume where you had stopped. Is there any way to enable multitasking for Cydia? Fortunately the answer is “YES”. It is now possible to do so. Well! If you want to enable it but

Add More than 12 Apps in Your iOS 4 Folders on iPhone

Infinifolders is a Cydia app by Chpwn which lets you place unlimited apps in a folder on iOS 4 iPhone. By default, you only can put 12 apps and safari bookmarks in each iOS 4 folders but this tweak will break this limit and expand your iOS 4 folders to infinity. Download the Infinifolders app from Cydia