iPod Touch

Gift an App from iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad

Click “Next” on the app summary screen Fill the required data like your name, the recipient’s name, and the recipients email address, as well as a note to attach to the gifted app. On the purchase summary screen, tap on “Buy Gift” in the lower right corner After completing the above stated process the app

Disabling the iPhone from skipping songs while running/walking

In iphones and ipod touch motion sensors are present that shuffle the music when shake by the user. This is indeed a cool feature unless you are running. This feels very disappointing in such cases when you are out for jogging or a walk and the music continuously shuffles because of the feature. You can

Playback video in slow motion on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

In all the iOS devices like iphone, ipad touch, and ipod there is an in built apple video player which has the feature of playing back video in slow motion. This application is very handy and easy. It enables the video to play in slow motion with audio adjustment. This application is very useful if

Quitting multitask apps on the iPhone

Latest release of iOS 4 has introduced new features like multitasking in iphones and ipod, ipod touch. By this feature you can open more than one application in a time but quitting these apps running in the background is an issue to be addressed here. User can close all these unwanted application running at the

How to make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch ready for iOS 4?

Finally Apple has completed development of iOS 4 that you people were waiting consciously. It is going to release tomorrow. Wao! That means only few hours are left. So, before getting iOS 4 you must know what your iDevice must have. Move ahead to know what you need for iOS 4 installation and also check

Assign More Secure Passcode to your iPhone or iPod Touch

Do you want to make your iPhone secure? You use a four digit password to unlock your iPhone but you probably have come to know it is not enough to secure it. There should be a strong security code for unlocking procedure. Well! Apple was aware of what you want and you can set more

Step by Step instructions to Jailbreak iPod Touch 3G & iPod Touch 4G running on iOS 5

Few days before, Apple has launched iOS 5 that contain over 200 features for your favorite iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. If you are iPhone lover then probably you might be familiar with this release. Do you know how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that is running iOS 5? iPhone Dev team

What rumors say on iPhone 4 and three new iPod touch devices?

Before scheduling Apple’s media event, Mac gave report that Apple has updated internal inventory systems in order to revise iPod touch and iPhone 4 in database. After iPhone 4 and three new iPod touch models release, Apple included their references in database. They also predict that these iPod touch models would be storage capacity of

Siri Hacked To Work On iPhone 4 & iPod Touch

On Sunday, mobile app writer Steve Troughton-Smith unveiled his new development of a fully functional implementation of Siri that works on both the iPhone 4 and the fourth-gen iPod touch. The technique, with the help of jailbroken iPhone 4S, brings over a validation token to deceive the voice recognition system into working just as it

VLC media is now available for iPod and iPhone

Now days, VLC is the most favorite media player. Great news for Apple users! After iPod VLC, you can get it for iPod touch and iPhone too. In this guide, you will see how to download and use VLC in iPhone or iPod touch device. Firstly you need to download VLC media player. You can