Reasons to Jailbreak Your iOS Device

This article will explain you that why should you jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad device. Let’s see reasons behind this.

iOS Lock screen

When you jailbreak your device, information will be added to lockscreen that is the main reason to jailbreak a device.  By default, you see battery, time and date, Wi-Fi status, alarm status, events and SMS notifications and carrier network statutes on iOS lockscreen

Custom themes

You can add beautiful wallpapers on your home screens if you are using iOS 4 but wallpaper will not affect on bars, icons and text. They all look the same and mostly people don’t like this. Cydia gives you theme app like WinterBoard that you can install.

After installation, you can choose the theme element that you like. There are number of premade themes available for entire operating system or even for single specific application like SMS.

Customization of SMS sound

Using different and custom SMS sounds would be another reason to jailbreak iOS device. By default, there are six options and one of not having any sound. When you jailbreak your device, System/Library/Audio/UISounds option will be available on your device. You can download SMS sounds and ringtones of your choice with Cydia.

Well! If your device is jailbroken, you can get many cool things.

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