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How to add or remove apps from notification center in iOS

You can install as many application as you wan tin your iOS devices. When you install them they can slow down your device but at same time, they give you a wide range of facilities and functionalities. If you use these applications, they show up in notification center. All of these applications make notification center

How to fix iOS OTA updates

Over the air updates (OTA) are very important and helpful to your iOS. They keep up to date iOS with all the latest software developments, and other iOS updates. These OTA are relatively quicker and take less bandwidth. You can access them from settings, by tapping general and then software update. For over the air

Create a Chat Room with Google Docs on cheap

Google Docs is an online editor for processor, presentation and spreadsheet that lets you to make and share securely. You can create new documents and also upload the existing ones. Recent Google cloud based productivity suite lets you to edit and collaborate with documents from your Android and iOS devices. Wao! That’s really great news.

Reasons to Jailbreak Your iOS Device

This article will explain you that why should you jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad device. Let’s see reasons behind this. iOS Lock screen When you jailbreak your device, information will be added to lockscreen that is the main reason to jailbreak a device.  By default, you see battery, time and date, Wi-Fi status,

Why Do People Jailbreak Their iOS Devices?

Number of different blogs you will found having information related to jailbreak Apple’s iOS devices. But, the new comer who even don’t know what is jailbreak in actual. Moreover, he didn’t know Cydia tool so far as it is most common platform that let you to jailbreak any iOS device. You will get all the