How to add or remove apps from notification center in iOS

You can install as many application as you wan tin your iOS devices. When you install them they can slow down your device but at same time, they give you a wide range of facilities and functionalities. If you use these applications, they show up in notification center. All of these applications make notification center filled, which could make your iOS device but slower. You can add or remove these applications from notification area by following some basic steps. Central system settings of iOS allow you to perform this function.

  • First go to settings in your iOS device, and tap to notifications. Now scroll down screen to ‘in notifications center’ option, you will tap on the edit button in the upper right corner.
  • To remove application from notification center, Tap at right side of any iOS app and drag it down to not in notification center. If you want to add an application to notification center, just tap an iOS app and drag it up in notification center.
  • Click on done when you are finished with it and close the settings.

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