Print directions and maps from iPhone and iPad by using maps app

Many People like to read and watch directions and maps on paper. They will welcome the facility to have print of directions and maps from iPhone and iPad through air print compatible printer. You can get print out of maps and other directions easily from these Apple devices and use them as source of information. When you use maps application on iPhone or iPad, you need prints of those maps and directions for knowing places. When you are on a move in your car, these print outs help you in your travelling. To get print out from iPhone and iPad is not a difficult thing, you just need a printer which should be compatible with air print tool. Here is the simple procedure to get prints of directions and maps from iPhone and iPad.

  • First launch Maps application and get directions or maps of a destination.
  • When you get to the page, tap the curled page button at the bottom right corner of maps application.
  • Next window will appear, you will see print tab, tap it and then select the air print printer to print the direction or map.

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