Notification Center

How to add or remove apps from notification center in iOS

You can install as many application as you wan tin your iOS devices. When you install them they can slow down your device but at same time, they give you a wide range of facilities and functionalities. If you use these applications, they show up in notification center. All of these applications make notification center

Hiding the Mails in iOS 5 from the Lock Screen

By doing this minor change it will stop email sender and subject from being shown on the lock screen. User can also disable the icon being displayed at the top of the screen as well only he needs to select “None” option in the three side-by-side options at the top of that same settings screen.

Adding or Removing Apps in iOS from Notification

iphones or ipad working on iOS is widely in use now a days because of their so many user engaging features and modifications. In iOs there are many shortcuts applicable which enable the user to execute the required command without opening menus and going deep in them. You can quickly add or remove any items