How to fix iPhone proximity sensor

When you upgrade to new iOS version, you might have seen iPhone sensor problem. There are possible issues like it becomes less responsive, slow or lagged, becomes total unresponsive and like that. Sometimes when you are on call and your ear or face touches to screen and as result the phone hangs up or call

How to fix a slow iPhone backup

When you create iPhone backup or restore your phone, you notice that the process is very slow and it is taking forever. There could be many reasons for this slow backing up and restoring, so to overcome that you can use few tips which will increase the speed. These are some of the tips which

How to fix iPhone cellular data problems

Many users face problems in iPhone related to cellular data settings and if you are one of them, you can fix this problem by resetting network settings. Sometimes people get annoy with this problem and blame carrier, that could be related to carrier issue but it may related to your phone settings as well. The

How to fix iOS OTA updates

Over the air updates (OTA) are very important and helpful to your iOS. They keep up to date iOS with all the latest software developments, and other iOS updates. These OTA are relatively quicker and take less bandwidth. You can access them from settings, by tapping general and then software update. For over the air