New Gadget Unveiled That Can Detect Cancerous Tissues In Three Seconds!

Biomedical field has advanced dramatically over a past few decades. We have seen immerse progress in prosthetic limbs, electronic organs, ECG, EEG equipments and other various medical machineries. This week, a group of ambitious researchers from Imperial College, London developed a knife that detects and identifies whether a person is suffering from cancerous tumor or

The Perfect Keychain Sensor

You call your phone a smartphone!? Well, this device gives the real sense of smartness to your phones. We all have seen various impressive applications in our phone but none of them can actually sense or measure stuff like this smart key chain sensor does. This little sensor is known as Sensordrone which allows your smartphone

Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets provide both style and utility and are increasingly becoming popular due to bans on handheld calls in cars. Today’s headsets are better than ever, with improved designs, stronger performance, and more compelling features than ever before. Here is a list of the best Bluetooth headsets available out there. No 10. Samsung HM3600 Price:

Top 10 Kinect Hacks for Robots

While Microsoft’s Kinect 3D sensor is a great way to game, at a mere $150, it’s also an unbelievably cheap way to bring depth sensing and 3D vision to robots. Kinect uses InfraRed laser to determine and map a body or object in front of it, giving precise body positions, gestures and complete body motion to the Xbox.

How to fix iPhone proximity sensor

When you upgrade to new iOS version, you might have seen iPhone sensor problem. There are possible issues like it becomes less responsive, slow or lagged, becomes total unresponsive and like that. Sometimes when you are on call and your ear or face touches to screen and as result the phone hangs up or call

Mac Home Security

Whenever an important event occurs a message is sent to your cell phone from the home sentry which is made from your Mac and certain home automation pieces. It is really very beneficial for certain matters like when your kids return from school, someone opens the backyard and in certain matters. This device is at

Wave Glider: An Autonomous Wave-Powered Sensor Platform

(October 28, 2009) Roger Hine of Liquid Robotics discusses the Wave Glider, a new technology dedicated to collecting data about the ocean. The Wave Glider uses solar panels to harvest energy from the sun to propel itself, allowing for the Wave Glider to travel long distance without needing to refuel. Stanford University: Stanford Center