How to fix iPhone proximity sensor

When you upgrade to new iOS version, you might have seen iPhone sensor problem. There are possible issues like it becomes less responsive, slow or lagged, becomes total unresponsive and like that. Sometimes when you are on call and your ear or face touches to screen and as result the phone hangs up or call gets muted. This is because of upgrade in iOS and gives you error of iPhone proximity sensor. The official fix is yet to be made but there are few tips which can solve this problem. Here are two different steps to fix iPhone proximity sensor.

  • First method to fix this issue is resetting network settings of your iPhone. You will tap on the settings icon on your phone and then tap on general.
  • Now you will have different option on screen, tap on reset option. Here you will tap on ‘Reset Network Settings’, and all the network settings will reset.
  • Second method is to reset all settings on iPhone, for that you will tap on settings and then tap on general.
  • Now tap on reset and it will show you “Reset All Settings”, tap on it.

Once you do this, restart your iPhone and it will solve the issues.

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