New Gadget Unveiled That Can Detect Cancerous Tissues In Three Seconds!


Biomedical field has advanced dramatically over a past few decades. We have seen immerse progress in prosthetic limbs, electronic organs, ECG, EEG equipments and other various medical machineries.

This week, a group of ambitious researchers from Imperial College, London developed a knife that detects and identifies whether a person is suffering from cancerous tumor or not. This intelligent surgical knife can detect cancerous tissue within just three seconds. The electro-surgical knife cut through tissues, vaporize it, hence creating a smoke. This smoke is full of biological information, so researchers attached a sensor to the knife that can make out the presence of cancerous disease. According to sources, the device has been tested on 91 patients and had a success report of 100 percent. At this moment it is highly expensive with a price tag of £200,000. But it is expected to get lower as soon as this knife becomes more mainstream in medical industry.

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